Why the heck are we doing this?

Thousands of middle aged people, 35 to 60 and somewhat older, have lost their income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, maybe you are one of them? It can be scary and overwhelming while you are trying to navigate an uncertain future. We know what you are going through, we have been there too.

Maybe you were previously employed and you feel forced into this “entrepreneur” role and it feels uncomfortable and frustrating because you have little or no experience. Or maybe you have been thinking of starting your own thing but never took action and now your work situation has changed so much that you have no other choice.

Your biggest worry is if you make the wrong decision about your business it can be expensive and you might be in a worse financial situation. This can lead to a paralyzing state of indecision and the longer you wait for certainty and lower risk the more you burn through your cash resources. A catch 22 situation if ever there was one. Fast, decisive actions with the least risk and cost of failure is what you need to start and make a success of your new direction in life.

The Grey entrepreneur helps and guides new grey entrepreneurs to start businesses with less risk and cost of failure. We help you avoid the expensive mistakes we made as new entrepreneurs more than 20 years ago, saving you time, money and stress.

What are you thinking?

  • Are you thinking if this is worth the risk?
  • There is so much information out there, why do I need this?
  • Information is information and there is a lot of it out there.
  • Where do you start? you don’t know what you don’t know

You can have the world of information but you do not know how and when to apply it, it will make it more risky than ever.

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Who is this aimed at?

If you have grey hair, tons of experience and real world skills wanting to start a business, then you belong with us.

We work with first-time entrepreneurs and startups with an age between 35 to 60.