First month joining fee


R3,500.00 R1,500.00

This product acts as your first months subscription to join The Grey Incubator’s program.

We are intaking cohort students now for the next cohort enrollment starting date of:

5 January 2021


To start your journey with The Grey Incubator, just follow these simple steps: 

  1. Purchase your first-month subscription
  2. You will receive a Cohort Allocation form to complete which will help us place you in a cohort group of 6 people to work with
  3. You will receive the online links for the upcoming weekly cohort sessions.

And then the magic happens!

The subscription offer the full month participation in the cohort and the full features offered by The Grey Incubator.

  • Small Groups

We work in small groups of maximum 6 new grey entrepreneurs, making it more personal while we support the group and the groups support each other. Entrepreneurship can be lonely and stressful and running with a team gives you a place to soundboard and get advice on the best way forward.

We meet weekly for a two hour session, taking you through the process of starting, building and growing your new business.

  • Tools and processes

You get access to the tools and processes I use in omy one-on-one coaching where I help customers double their turnovers in 6 months or grow their business by more than R100 million in 12 months. You get online dashboards and planning tools, helping identify and focus on the daily actions that will lead to the results you are looking for.

  • Turn your skills and experience into a revenue generating business

The best way to start is doing something you know and familiar with. I have seen too many people, corporate managers and project managers going into the restaurant business only to lose all their money. Why? Because they have no experience in that industry. We will help you turn your current skills and experience into your first business.

  • Guidance

The two founders of the business, Willem Gous and Eugene have more than 45 years of experience in entrepreneurship. Eugene even had a company listed in the U.K. Stock exchange while Willem has experience in manufacturing, online and more.

  • Support

You get support through the weekly session but also through your small group. In each group we pair up two entrepreneurs with each other as accountability partners and a support structure. You help each other to keep focus and drive results, every day.


  • You will be contacted to arrange your start date
  • Start dates usually start in the beginning of the current month
  • Subscription cycles are linked to calendar months starting on the 1st of a month ending on the last day
  • Subscription payments must be made in advance of joining the upcoming months teams.
  • If payment isn't received in time, you may not be allowed access to your team for the full month.