Why do successful business owners tend to be older than 47?

The main reason is that they are generally more mature. They have more life experience, better people skills, advanced planning abilities, and generally more knowledge. In most cases, even if they were previously employed and are not career entrepreneurs regardless of if they are trying to start a business voluntary or due to retrenchment or downscaling. They have contact networks, resources and a stronger drive to succeed due to their life responsibilities. 

We believe anyone can achieve a thousand times more than what they think they can. In many cases, due to our upbringing, earlier lifestyle, educational and environment, people simply do not realise their own potential. 

They are told what they are good at, what their limits are and then what to look for in life. People are also discouraged to explore their options in favour of establishing themselves. 

This outlook in life greatly limits your mind, your motivation and, most importantly, your self-confidence. 

Middle-aged entrepreneurs who decide to start a startup are mostly scared. Scared of risking what they have, scared of not knowing what lies ahead and scared that they will not know to solve challenges that lay ahead.

Our four targets are centred around encouraging our participants to overcome that fear and fostering a sense of professional self-confidence. They include:

  • Learn how to motivate yourself, allow yourself to dream and imagine a future that you really want. Both in terms of financial freedom and freedom in your lifestyle.
  • Surround yourself with experienced mentors that have survived both success and failure. The more experienced and plentiful your mentor’s areas they will be able to collectively guide and help you aim for realistic targets for your new start-up’s.
  • Learn both soft and hard skills and never stop learning. Soft skills include the ability to survive and thrive amongst the inevitable stresses of being an owner-business and hard skills will give you the confidence to solve real-world problems that you are bound to face.



We can begin by allowing ourselves to start dreaming again. 

You aren’t limited to what your boss or job tells you you are. You truly are more. In your middle age, you might feel you haven’t achieved what you planned when you were young. You might feel other people, friends and family are moving forward while you are left behind. This is not the case. If we all dream again, we all can turn our dream into reality. Sometimes it just takes a friendly opportunity to show you how.

In our model, we don’t build businesses, we build people. We help people to think big, be ambitious and learn how to focus on their target and how to grow both their business and themselves.

How do we do that?

Our model does not follow a fixed program. It’s not an A-Z process because no two business, owners or challenges are alike. Businesses don’t grow at the same pace or need the same thing at the same time. 

Training someone to follow only a certain process or skillset will simply hinder by pulling them into the theory vs practical conundrum. Our approach of working in small groups of 6 (cohorts) that are overseen and guided by experienced entrepreneurs is to facilitate the natural process of people learning from people. 

The overseers guide the group to work at their own pace. Learn from each other, create targets and hold each other accountable. As the cohorts grow, achieve targets and follow a typical business lifecycle, they will receive the required third party influence. They will need various mentors at various stages. That is why some of our trainers specialise in hard skills and others in softer skills such as motivational influence. The Grey Incubator will provide that the cohorts as the need arises.

To join the grey incubator is three easy steps:

  1. Buy our first-month subscription at a reduced rate.
  2. We will send you a Cohort Allocation Form to complete. This will show us the best cohorts to team you up with so that you are working with like-minded startups.
  3. You will then receive your links to join your group in their online weekly session.