Middle-aged people are the economic engine of any economy and these people’s livelihoods and financial security have been ravaged by retrenchments due to the COVID pandemic leaving entrepreneurship as the only outcome for generating income and rebuilding their lives. 

For many, this will be the first time they venture into entrepreneurship and it can be scary, overwhelming, risky and costly if they make the wrong decision.

Yet most entrepreneurial development programs and efforts are focused towards the youth. Youth entrepreneurs have little to lose when their startup fails because most still live with their parents, unlike middle-aged entrepreneurs. 

These middle-aged entrepreneurs ranging from around 30 – 60 years of age are fondly referred to as Grey Entrepreneurs. Referring to not just the grey hair but also the grey in the head from experience.

Worldwide the average age of a successful startup owner is 47 years old. The average age of a business owner ready for investment is 51. The success rate between Grey Entrepreneur in contrast, to youth start-ups, is much higher. 

It makes you think!

With so many retrenchments, a country’s economy might be better served by focusing on developing Grey Entrepreneurs helping us save the biggest economic contributors.

They have life experience, years of skills through employment, networks, contacts, assets, as well as some form of a financial cushion to help them start their enterprise and they have faced stress, and failure before, making them more resilient.

With most entrepreneurial development programs focused on the youth where do, Grey Entrepreneurs find the right guidance?

There is more than enough information, programs, courses and training to help. But this is mostly in small separate isolated silos of information which increases the risk to Grey Entrepreneurs because you don’t know what you don’t know. 

Trying to learn how to be a new entrepreneur using all the isolated pieces of information on the internet, is the equivalent of trying to become an accountant by browsing Wikipedia.

Learning to build a business this way, without overall guidance and a roadmap, could open yourself up to bigger financial risks and possible failure. For the grey entrepreneur, this means risking possibly your last available capital and possibly impacting the lives of loved ones and family.

You need a roadmap, guidance, vision, motivation, support and skill. Throw in accountability, sound boarding and masterminding, and you have a recipe for success.

Learning how to start and grow a successful business in your middle age can be a very exciting prospect to achieve long-forgotten life goals, freedom and lifestyle.

There are people around you, going through the same phase as you are, the same stress, with their life skills acquired by previous careers.

No need to recreate the startup wheel and risk it all.

The Grey Incubator is aimed at helping the grey entrepreneur. Mastermind your idea from conception to flourishing business or grow an existing business in the current economic environment.

Small and carefully matched groups of individuals work together to help each other develop their businesses. The groups are guided and moderated by experienced overseers and mentors to make sure they stay on track while helping them avoid costly mistakes.

As each group learns from each other and help each other achieve weekly goals, third party specialists are made available at certain points to help groups go through the natural growth phases.

We help grey entrepreneurs focus on the three most important success factors in business, accountability, a trusted and experienced soundboard and processes, to ensure consistency in actions and results. 

The Grey Incubator uses a subscription-based model that allows startup founders to invest in themselves and their business while reducing their financial risk. 

By joining The Grey Incubator, you can surround yourself with like-minded founders, be guided by experienced mentors while following proven success processes.

This might just be the best investment you can make in yourself and your business. 

About The Grey Incubator

The Grey Incubator was founded by Willem Gous and Eugene Beetge. Both entrepreneurs with more than 20 years experience each. Willem is a leading speaker and consultant in entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership. Eugene has taken companies to IPO and also other nationally successful businesses.